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Make it work FOR you.

Do you know someone who is enthusiastic? 


Have you ever wondered how that person keeps being enthusiastic? 


What makes them tick? 


Where do they get all that energy? 


Have you ever wanted to make someone's day? 


Have you ever wanted people to really pay attention when you speak? 


Enthusiasm is an asset, one that you need. When you invite me to speak, you will learn what enthusiasm is, why it is so important, and you will take away tools to help you easily create more enthusiasm.

People are more engaged when you use enthusiasm when interacting with them. Results are better, faster, easier, and more fun. Find out how you can begin to use this tool in your communications, and begin getting better results for yourself.

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I'm the CEO. Chief Enthusiasm Officer. I'm the one who chooses to be enthusiastic. And I can teach you how to be enthusiastic too.



I was hosted by the Duluth Chamber of Commerce at their monthly speaker series. The workshop was very well received.

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